Grape Cookies AKA The Grookies

(Jäger X Grape Skunk Purple) X EyeScream Cake

Harvest Indoor

58-65 Days

Harvest Outdoor

Early October




Wide, Round shapely flower, Healthy green,










β-ocimene, β-caryophyllene, linalool, δ-limonene, β-myrcene, α-humulene, β-pinene, α-pinene

Flavors & Aromas

Grape, Lavender, Pepper, Sweet


Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple


Anxiety relief, Laughter, Anti-depression, Happiness, Energy enhancement


The Grape Cookies was created in 2016 by crossing male pollen from (Jäger X Grape Skunk Purple) on to a Cookies S1. The Cookies S1 was created by HENDRX and phenotype hunted by Wheeler and his family. The Cookies S1 became known as EyeScream Cake and delighted many on the legal and illicit markets of California. The Grookies Cut was gifted to HENDRX and Moca before either ever solidified themselves as DCC license holders. Avant garde and ahead of its time the Grookies was bred by Wheeler, and laid wait several years before emerging in public view.

Cannabinoid Profile

Grown by Moca Humboldt and recognized by the California State Fair as a two-time gold medalist in 2022 and silver medalist in  2023, the Grookies has both bag appeal and a radical cannabinoid profile unlike anything on the market. Testing in the low to mid 20s THC percentage and 5-7 percent CBG. Ocimene dominant with equal parts limonene, linalool, and β-caryophyllene, the terps on this phenotype are unique and sugary. The greater implications of the Grape Cookies, however lies in the cannabinoid profile. Which, entirely unique, may carry medicinal and phytocannabinoid-terpenoid synergistic therapeutic significance. CBGa, which is the acidic pre-decarboxylated form of CBG, is the precursor phytocannabinoid to both THCa and CBDa. This means that CBG is converted into either CBD or THC naturally during the cannabis plant’s life. Biosynthesis genes in the cannabis plant determine the final outcome of CBGa, which commonly appears in very low relative concentrations. The Grookies however expresses a high level of CBGa and THCa conjunctively. This is unlike any other chemovar in the HENDRX library. This reflects that the Grape Cookies in both clone and seed is different than the vast majority of cannabis chemotypic profiles. In Taming THC: potential cannabis synergy and phytocannabinoid-terpenoid entourage effects, author Ethan Russo summarizes CBG potential applications as a muscle relaxant, analgesic and anti-erythmetic, anti fungal, a breast cancer treatment, prostate cancer treatment, antidepressant, and psoriasis solution (Russo 2011). Pre-clinical findings demonstrate that CBG reduces intraocular pressure, which is why Grape Cookies has been sought and utilized in conjuction with Ringo’s Gift Katie’s Cut and Levi’s Cut to treat macular degeneration (Calapai 2022 et al). 

Origin Story

The Grape Cookies AKA the Grookies is an original work by Wheeler of Humboldt County. The unofficial entomologist of Royal Gold Soils and mentor to HENDRX is of mythical status. Long before the birth of legalization Wheeler’s breeding, phenotype discovery, and quality cultivation and curing methods paved way to the once young and blossoming characters of HENDRX leadership. As a master of genetics and consistency Wheeler shaped the future of IPM with microscope identification practices, propagation, and genetic storage. As a creator and father, breeding came naturally. This year experience the award winning cultivar Grape Cookies AKA The Grookies in both clone and seed for released as feminized S1 seeds from HENDRX.

Grape Cookies AKA The Grookies

Created at So Hum Seeds by the HENDRX team, Grookies S1 seeds are available as feminized seeds through So Hum Seeds and HENDRX packaging. Seeds can be found in the wild through select retailers and for licensed commercial producers. As a rare heirloom, the goal of this seed batch was preservation of rare cannabinoids. THC & CBG in tandem at these respective levels is truly rare. The flower has been demonstrated to create purple robust flowers and cover terpene expressions of fruit, funk, anise, kush, and sweet scents with an excellent yield. The high is uplifting, energetic, and joyous with bright colors aligned symbiotically with any daytime pleasantry. This lineage is a great tool in exploration of plant medicines, cannabis breeding (specifically Cannabigerol inheritance), and rare phenotype discovery. Cannabigerol short hand CBG is THE “primary” cannabinoid from the great goddess ganja plant which prior to combustion in the acidic form, cannabigerolic acid (CBGa), is the derivative peak potency precursor. Following the thread in plain scientific english, CBGa is a biosynthetic precursor of the compounds cannabidiol (CBD) and Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). And in arguably less clear terms: Ain’t no THC or CBD in me weed if there ain’t no CBG there to begin with. The odd part is, when analyzing the cannabinoid creation chain, research and experience demonstrates either all the CBG converts at maturity to either CBD or THC, or… it doesn’t. So inherently, the Grape Cookies AKA the Grookies is a bit of an outlier. Why doesn’t the CBG convert to THC when there clearly are the biosynthetic pathways to do so? Geared to be easy to use for a wide array of farmers, the seeds were created by self pollination of female cannabis plants which have no Y chromosomes (Prentout 2020 et al) . Combining (XX) and (XX) identical DNA & RNA sequences, makes the likely hood of an (XY) male emerging from the S1 seed offspring very unlikely. In others words, these fem seeds should be ready to grow and produce only female plants for beginners and experts seeking to expand their cannabinoid diversity with this rare cannabinoid profile. Preserve the past and future by growing these award winning genetics created with love and care by a community spanning Northern and Southern Humboldt County.


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