Ringo’s Gift (Levi’s Cut)

ACDC X Harle-Tsu

Harvest Indoor

55-60 Days

Harvest Outdoor

Early to Late October


90% Sativa, 10% Indica


Lateral Branching, Healthy Green, Wide Internodal Spacing, Productive










Flavors & Aromas

Apricot, Mango, Sweet, Tree Fruit


Red, Yellow, Purple, Green


Appreciation of music, Colors Brighter, Euphoria, Muscle relaxation, Anti-depression, Happiness, Energy enhancement


Let’s follow the the tail of the dragon all the way back to the mouth of the beast! The Levi’s Cut received its name trailing the origin of the cut back to its home. Gifted to So Hum Seeds from HENDRX genetic library, the Levi’s Cut was returned home to the son of Ringo Lawerence… “Levi” and his wife Danielle. Then operators and owners of So Hum Seeds, the genetic preservation of important genetics like Ringo’s Gift, a high CBD clonal phenotype was a community effort. HENDRX received the Levi’s Cut from Purple Caper Seeds, who in turn received it from Levi originally years before. Thus, because of the outlaw healers of California’s medical cannabis era, important and life altering clones like the Ringo’s Gift Levi’s Cut are available for patients today years later.

Ringo’s Gift Levi Cut S1 Seeds

Created at the very location once founded by the legendary Ringo Lawerence in Whitethorn Humboldt County, So Hum Seeds has been reborn. With the blessing of the Ringo’s Family, So Hum seeds has restored its seed production and nursery under the partnership led by Jerry Savage of Savage Farms and enlisted help from HENDRX. Creating Ringo’s Gift S1 Feminized seeds was the first order of business. Making this historic CBD dominant medical heirloom cultivar available this Spring of 2024 for serious cannabis medical patients and homeopathic healers is a devoted goal for So Hum Seeds. Known for their historic medical value, client testimony suggests these genetics may add service to the quality of life of those seeking relief from seizures and speech aide in speech non-verbal autism. CBD research supported in part by the scientific community demonstrate CBD serves as an anticonvulsant, and goes as far as demonstrating cancer cell aptosis of some types of cancer cells.