There Is No Honor Among Criminals.

The war on drugs discourages balance; preventing healthy people from developing relationships based on trust. Delete your programming and reboot.

The System Is Designed For Your Success.

When the rules were written to repress scientific discovery and prevent the truth about medicine from reaching the people, the rules will be broken. To be an outlaw is to refuse to be victimized by law.

Growing Ganja Is Taking The Easy Road.

In every path there will be a fork in the road. Some will take the easy way out, and some will choose the path less traveled. Inside all of us is our own secret garden.

This Protection Is For Your Own Good.

These are words of domestic abusers. Empowerment is internal. Flourish through self motivation and an ability to make good decisions.

Only The Good Die Young.

Negative reinforcement of negative stereotypes. Push back against the mistakes of peers and past; embrace a long life and an easy one.