HendRx Farms Nursery

After a lifetime in Humboldt County, HendRx Farms is familiar with the responsibility of providing healthy, clean and valuable cannabis genetics to our associated farms. To ensure vibrant aggressive clones, HendRx Farms has protected both rare and popular genetics, available exclusively to our dedicated partners.

Clones For Soil

HendRx Farms has three original cultivars, bred from the most popular and fundamentally powerful genetics chosen by Humboldt County farmers. All of HendRx clones are potted in organic soil free from mold, mite, or disease. HendRx cultivators protect soil and plant health, with FIFRA exempt 25(b) organic solutions. Additionally cultivators preferred method is prevention, routinely checking for spider mite, broad mite egg, and Fusarium wilt, through the use of compound digital microscopy.



Charlie Girl

Girls Scout Cookie X San Fernando Valley OG Kush

1 Haze

Crockett's Haze X Ebola No. 7

Calihari Kush

Drought Resistant Sierra Mountain Range Wild Native

Ebola No. 7

Girls Scout Cookie X San Fernando Valley OG Kush (Pre 2014)

Blueberry Muffin 10

Purple Panty Dropper X Blueberry (Humboldt Seed Company)



All HendRx Cannabis is tested for potency. SC Labs, out of Santa Cruz, verifies initial THC and CBD levels. This allows HendRx farm to develop reliable cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Pure Analytics tests for the potency of cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBN, and CBV.

HendRx Farms uses only 25(b) FIFRA exempt pest solutions and bio-controls. This means HendRx products exceed State, and EPA standards for federally unregulated crops such as cannabis. Pure Analytics guarantee the absence of pesticides & chemical residuals. Each harvest from HendRx Farm passes this screening before reaching consumers.

In addition to potency & pesticide testing, HendRx Farm also confirms the absence of molds and mildews with Pure Analytics. Each harvest from HendRx Farm passes this screening before reaching consumers guaranteeing the absence of bacteria such as E. Coli.




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