Jäger Genetics

Jäger is a spectacularly original connoisseur flavor, bred by an unknown Southern Oregon breeder. This clone is said to be of several contradictory origin genetics. HENDRX lists Jäger as having Hindu Kush lineage, but opposing stories have narrated tales of OG, LA Confidential, and Blue Dream. Sadly, Jäger genetics are wholly unknown. The only thing that is not in question is the region of Jäger’s popularization, which with absolute certainty comes from Southern Oregon outdoor farmers. Cultivators will enjoy the unique outdoor and indoor quality, along with the amazing fragrance the clone produces. Jäger is named aptly after its unmistakable resemblance in flavor and scent of black licorice.

Cannabinoid Profile

Jäger is famous for it’s amazing and complex combination of terepenes. Anise and fuel serenade the senses, which ad entourage effects to the 17-19% THC content. Jäger is one of HENDRX favorite genetics, along with cultivars like Blueberry Muffin No. 10, Ebola No. 7, and Ringo’s Gift (Katie Cut).