Zkittlez OG

Harvest Indoor

58-65 Days

Harvest Outdoor

Mid October


50/50 Indica/Sativa Hybrid


Short Nodal Spacing


Moderate to Low








β-caryophyllene, δ-limonene, β-myrcene, α-humulene, linalool, β-pinene, α-terpineol, fenchol, α-pinene,

Flavors & Aromas

Berry, Candy, Cake, Sweet, Sugar, Perfume


Orange, Purple, Green, Blue, White


Concentration, Colors Brighter, Time slowed down, Anti-depression, Cognitive benefit, Sociability, Happiness, Energy enhancement

Cannabinoid Profile

The Zkittelz OG clone has a β-caryophyllene dominant lead terpene, which is closely followed by the next two dominant δ-limonene and β-myrcene. In each of HENDRX cultivar and chemovar strain descriptions, the terpenes are listed at the top of the webpage in descending order. Which means the highest concentrated, also known at the dominant or primary terpenes are listed first. With concentrations of total terpenes catalogued at over 3%, the profile is useful for medical cannabis users and cannabis connoisseurs who evaluate each strain for its micro aromatic nuances. In the case of the Zkittlez OG clone we can compare two full profiles or the Zkittlez OG thanks to the research and development completed at Moca Humboldt. Compare results from March 2022, with results from December of the same year. Observe the same dominant overall terpenes, but note that β-myrcene edges out the δ-limonene in the December batch. This result is inverse in the March batch, which demonstrates δ-limonene has a higher concentration to the counter β-myrcene content. These subtle yet substantial differences, highlights that even in controlled environments, with award winning farmers and no known new variables, each batch of cannabis is sensitive to each micro vibrational and environmental changes. As a result, each batch of cannabis is a unique experience to enjoy with both our bodies and our minds. Experience the 2022 Silver State Fair award winning Zkittlez OG with all the five senses.