Rainbow Belts 3.0

(Rainbow Belts #20) x (Moonbow #112 F2 #60)

Harvest Indoor

58-70 Days

Harvest Outdoor

Early to Mid October


Sativa Dominant Hybrid



High to Medium





Flavors & Aromas




Rainbow Belts 3.0 HENDRX Cut is another fire 🔥  drop from Archive Seed Bank, phenotype hunted by the frisbee flipping farm hand named the RedEyedWeedFrog. WeedFrog made the most of their time at HENDRX, utilizing the position to create, propagate, and innovate new strains and phenotypes with the HRX squadron. Leveraging the library, collaborative knowledge base, and fellowship of breeders, collectively the HENDRX team elected the Rainbow Belts 3.0 as phenotype project to honor the legendary work of the neighbors to the north at Archive and explore the work of a developed and well trained seed stock. Known for the high hashing percentages and quality terps, the Rainbow Belts 3.0 improved the yield and potency of the line, with a range of Zkittlez and Mooonbow traits, spread across a focused range of desired expressions. With males from the line preserved, we can expect some high vibrations of crosses to come from the WeedFrog and HENDRX team again in 2024 and 2025. Give Rainbow Belts 3.0 an explorative wash and see what kind of pass through can be accomplished in order to achieve full melt.