LMNT 115 No. 5

Face on Fire x PCS2

Harvest Indoor

60-70 Days

Harvest Outdoor

Mid to Late October


Indica Dominant Hybrid


Tall, Stress Tolerant, PM Resistant


High to Medium








β-myrcene, Β-caryophyllene, Linalool, δ-limonene, α-humulene, β-pinene,

Flavors & Aromas

Chemical, Fuel, Kush, Lavender, Menthol, Orange


Green, Purple, Blue, Yellow


Colors Brighter, Time slowed down, Mind wanders, Pain Relief, Anti-depression, Dizziness, Energy enhancement, Visual illusions


LMNT 115 No. 5 pronounced “Element” is a gas forward classic Chem 91 style Indica Dom chemovar. Bred by the mustached, mullet wearing, Oregon farmer Koma the Grower DBA Prolific Coast Seeds. LMNT 115 is a cross of Face on Fire by PCS2. The HENDRX cut of LMNT 115 #5 demonstrates a unique combination of all the right traits. The farmer can expect a late harvest with a high yield on a long stretchy plant frame. Best supported with layered trellis in sun supported greenhouses, LMNT 115 No. 5 shows a strong resistance and a perceived tolerance against pH problems in the soil or water supply, high salinity,  powdery mildew and botrytis. 

Cannabinoid Profile

Explosive West Coast stuff. Recognized by the California State Fair in 2023 with a gold medal for co-dominant terpenes β-myrcene & β-caryophyllene, LMNT rings bells like a hard hitting OG with gas, chem, and kush dominating the senses. Testing high from 27-33% THC (not THCA, actual THC) and with the highest test coming after California’s launch of their DCC in house lab testing standard which famously reduced potency reports in California in the Winter of 2023/24. LMNT topped out at 33.8% THC by testing preformed SC labs January 2024 and grown by the prestigious MOCA Humboldt.

Origin Story

Selected by the RedEyedWeedFrog under the house of HENDRX. LMNT 115 selection number 5 was sifted from a pack of seeds purchased from Prolific Coast Seeds and preserved through years of rigorous testing by HENDRX. Chosen by the WeedFrog to capture the classic Chem91 style, LMNT 115 #5 is a modern OG with a noticeable PM resistance and long lasting bag appeal and aroma. Upon releasing only 2 plants for Sol Spirit and Bandwagon Farms as “testers” the LMNT 115 HENDRX Cut reaped high praise from awards and connoisseurs. In succession LMNT 115 No. 5 received a 91.8 score from the Ganjier, a Gold Medal for at Emerald Cup 2023, and Gold Medal at the California State Fair. After it’s initial success, the clone was tested across indoor and outdoor locations proving its potency and resiliency. Exclusive to HENDRX, cutting of the plant was gifted back to Koma the breeder to be included in future breeding efforts of the breeding line.