Lemon Cherry Gelato

Sunset Sherbet X Girl Scout Cookies

Harvest Indoor

58-65 Days

Harvest Outdoor

Early October



Healthy, Dark Green, Strong


Low to Moderate





Flavors & Aromas




Lemon Cherry Gelato, bred by the Backpack Boyz, follows that playbook customary to the street ganja culture: Build a following on social media by trapping through the Gram, SnapTrap, or wherever, then go quasi legal. Lemon Cherry Gelato is what your buyer uses as an example when they ask for exotic or candy flavors. According to the bots on the internet and and our good friend David Downs, Lemon Cherry Gelato is a cross of Sunset Sherbet & Girl Scout Cookies; which sounds uninspired and bland, but the name LCG isn’t half bad. LCG captures the gas and sour candy flavor the buyer wants and needs. It grows beautifully in the hills of Humboldt and demonstrates a sound staple to the white label farms desperate for a win. Pandering to the toxic cycle of codependency between the white and black markets of the ganja supply chain, LCG is a pay load. Tap into to Lemon Cherry Gelato like a box of Frosted Coated Sugar Bombs. Clones for days.