Italian Icee No. 4

Ice Cream Cake X Blueberry Muffin

Harvest Indoor

58-65 Days

Harvest Outdoor

Early to Mid October


50/50 Indica Sativa Hybrid


Vertical, Strong, Healthy


Medium to High


22-25 %






β-myrcene, β-caryophyllene, α-humulene, δ-limonene, linalool,

Flavors & Aromas

Sweet, Cherry, Fruit, Onion, Savory,


Purple, Green, White, Sliver



Italian Icee is a cross of a unique and strong phenotype of Ice Cream Cake crossed with male pollen from a Blueberry Muffin seed in the Willow Creek area of Humboldt County on a permitted farm which never reached achieving an approved license from the DCC in California. Passed on in seed form and gifted to HENDRX when the ink on the permits were still drying, these seeds remained in the HENDRX library fro several years before finding the right opportunity to grow and preserve the number 4 phenotype. After first discovery of the Italian Icee, previously known as phenotype ICEXBBM4, the clone remained dormant at HENDRX as it was cultivated at So Hum Seeds to validate the performance. At So Hum Seeds in Whitethorn California, HENDRX farmers cultivated Icee and discovered the explosive bud set growth and ability to thrive. Meeting both Indoor and Outdoor stress tests, Italian Icee was cultivated by Nate at Moca Humboldt and accelerated to a team favorite cementing the name Italian Icee for its vibrant flavor and sparkling colors. Available now for the first time in clone form, preserved as seed, and released to dispensaries in California.  

Cannabinoid Profile

Modestly potent THC levels in the low to mid 20s, Italian Icee is a refreshing break from the monotonous THC molecule stacking of the cannabis industry. Italian Icee reflects a β-myrcene dominant hybrid, excellent for relaxation without the headache that can be reflected in the overconsumption of single molecule THC & THCA chemovars. Review the story the the Italian Icee chemotype can tell tell in this Lab Report prepared by SC Labs.

Origin Story

Bred by an unknown and elegantly artisanal cannabis breeder who like many, traveled from a far away land to get the Humboldt back-to-land homesteader experience and work with the prohibitive crop of cannabis. Skilled and memorable this experienced farm hand of Bavarian decent shared his unique creation in carefully wrapped and folded line paper envelopes marked with their elevation of 2,477 ft. After several years of patience, Royal Lief Farms agreed to grow the seeds among hundreds of others. Through careful selection only Italian Icee No. 4 was preserved and after 7 years of progress the clone was released in the late Winter of 2024.