Ice Cream Cake Alpha Cut

Wedding Cake X Gelato 33

Harvest Indoor

58-62 Days

Harvest Outdoor

Early to Mid October


Indica Dominant Hybrid


Even canopy, Short Bloom Cycle, Round Even Buds


Medium to High








δ-limonene, β-caryophyllene, linalool, α-humulene, β-pinene, fenchol, α-terpenol

Flavors & Aromas

Berry, Grape, Mint, Sweet, Tobacco


Red, Purple, White, Silver


Paranoia, Mind wanders, Anxiety, Stressful, Racing thoughts


We used to be haters. When Ice Cream Cake was fully bust and the megalith cannabis cultivar flooded every showroom of the cannabis marketplace, we at HENDRX would have grown any thing but ICC. Early expressions of the Ice Cream Cake strain were ripe with hermaphrodite male & female flowers. Immature genetics created self pollinating issues and gave the finished flower undesirable seeded buds. It wasn’t until several years had past from the aforementioned early plant development phase, that HENDRX discovered the Aplha and Delta Ice Cream Cake clones, placing all previous female pollen performance issues comfortably in the past. Both phenotypes were nearly identical, and produced perfect, purple, squat strawberry shaped buds, with ideal candelabra distribution of flower tops. After farmer feedback and cannabinoid testing, the Alpha cut edged out the Delta cut and became HENDRX Ice Cream Cake clone of choice. Bred by Seed Junky, the king of the canopy, Ice Cream Cake is a cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato 33. What Ice Cream Cake does better than anything is create perfect round purple sparkling buds for mass appeal. This perfect and consistent farming experience lent by the Ice Cream Cake is a joy for farm hands, share croppers, and land stewards. Ice Cream Cake renamed is the crop of Frost 2.0 every buyer will shopping for this year. Again. 

Cannabinoid Profile

Uncharacteristically for cannabis, this clone of ICC is low in the monoterpene β-Myrcene, usually attributed as the source for the stereotypical aromas associated with modern North American cannabis. Plants like cannabis, hops, lemongrass, and mango synthesize geranyl pyrophosphate which isomerizes into linalyl pyrophosphate. After releasing a proton and pyrophosphate the biosynthesis of plant produced β-Myrcene is complete. An important distinction to take note of is the difference between β-Myrcene produced naturally by plants like cannabis or wild thyme, and β-Myrcene utilized in the fragrance industry; the latter is is rarely not manufactured synthetically and produced commercially from turpentine. 

With a myriad of therapeutic applications, β-Myrcene utilized in cannabis is thought to likely be experienced as a sedative. Thus, being nearly devoid of the monoterepene, the Ice Cream Cake Alpha Cut clone maybe a great daytime Indica dominant hybrid with less drowsy effects. Counter intuitive, this concept of a daytime Indica swings against the false attribution of Sativa-for-daytime and Indica-for-nighttime rule of thumb which has been wholly discredited by the cannabis research community.