HRX Breeder’s Cut

Durban Poison X OG Kush

Harvest Indoor

60-63 Days

Harvest Outdoor

Mid October








Flavors & Aromas




HRX Breeder’s Cut describes itself in a complete utilitarian sense. HRX is a rare Girl’s Scout Cookie phenotype from 2011/2012 sourced in the Bay Area. With larger than life flowers, rich gassy flavors, and bountiful yields, HRX Breeder’s Cut is the ideal input for any breeding project. This is the reason that HendRx breeder’s cross pollinate HRX into several phenotype searches each Fall and Spring. HRX Breeder’s Cut cross pollination has lead to many popular and potent Humboldt endemic genetics. Genotype samples of HRX have been submitted to Phylos Bioscience, an open source cannabis genome project. To learn more about the HRX Breeder’s Cut and its origin, view this Phylos genetic report.

Cannabinoid Profile

HRX Breeder’s Cut is a potent 24-27% THC genetic that can erupt causing massive transformation of meditation and reward pleasure centers. So if the schedule calls for a day off, then all the merrier your travels! HRX will leave your fingers sticky from densely packed glandular trichome heads, and the fresh aroma will stay with you as a reminder of how blessed nature’s gifts can be. Enjoy HRX at the beach or on a sunny walk alongside fresh running water.