GSC AKA Girl Scout Cookies

Durban Poison X OG Kush

Harvest Indoor

58-64 Days

Harvest Outdoor

Early to Mid October


85% Indica, 15% Sativa


Wide Internodal Spacing, Short lateral branching, Healthy Green, Dense Flower, Light Sensitive










Flavors & Aromas


Purple, White, Silver, Orange, Green



Formerly referred to as Girl Scout Cookies, the GSC clone is one of the best success stories of the cannabis industry. In fact, the brilliance of the GSC combined the trap with the legal ganja game so forcefully, the hustlers, farmers, and influencers could simultaneously see how perfectly the executed the plan was, and yet still couldn’t imagine what a behemoth GSC would become. GSC wasn’t just the perfect marketing campaign sparked by Wiz Khalifa and Berner for the trap game years before cannabis became a global emerging market. And GSC isn’t just a dope strain that symbolizes arguably the only Budweiser-sized-brand in cannabis giving the brand it’s name sake “Cookies.” GSC was and is all of those things; above all GSC is simply a magnificently unique cultivar. The aroma, the beauty, the taste. GSC has come full circle starting as the backbone of the legal cannabis market. The GSC clone defined the prototype, shaping future trends of purple candy gas. Dare we even go so far as to say GSC was could be the first exotic pack. In a room full of totes and duffle bags, GSC stands out in the room. Grown in the sun, indoors, and all versions in between, GSC is primed to be rediscovered by tokers and promoters. The unique combination of kushy lemon terps and gassy sugar dough is a cosmically nostalgic bag of teen spirit which will take you back to an era of Guitar Hero and iPhone 3G. You could have been in grade school or a tenured professor when Cookies was first released, but young or old, the GSC high is a journey into the past. Take a trip over 15 years into the past and plant try this millennial classic.