Garlic Gorilla

GMO X Gorilla Cookies

Harvest Indoor

65-73 Days

Harvest Outdoor

Late October to Early November


Indica Dominant Hybrid


Wide nodal spacing, Sativa Morphological Structure


High to Medium








Flavors & Aromas

Garlic, Kush, Sweet, Blue Cheese, Butter, Nutty


Purple, Green, Orange, White, Silver


Enhanced relaxation, Laughter, Sexual arousal, Pain Relief, Happiness


Garlic Gorilla came to HENDRX nearly by accident. Attributed to neither, Garlic Gorilla was sourced by either Aplha or Delta of HENDRX fellowship of phenotype collectors slash owners and operators. With no one to lay credit, the phenotype is a free agent. Loyal to the parental lineage, Garlic Gorilla is savory, hashy, gassy, and makes us happy. “Smooth and packs a punch on every hit” the finish flower is gorgeous full gown, and the trichome structure lends to the hash hands for a high quality wash. Impressive were the potent and purple seeds of the Garlic Gorilla created by HENDRX at the So Hum Seeds. With East Coast and West Coast tester feedback 2023, the Garlic Gorilla is hit. Expect this line to develop and continue at HENDRX and So Hum Seeds for years to come.

Cannabinoid Profile

Best in class and THC topping 34% from Paper Crane growing row cropped seeds in Massachusetts; to Savage Farms off the King’s Range of Humboldt County limiting out the laser infrared spectrometer at over 30% THC. Limited release of the 2024 seed stock from So Hum Seeds and HENDRX has all ready sold out. Look for clones this season at select retail locations and commercial farms in California.

Garlic Gorilla Quick Seeds

Garlic Gorilla Quick seeds which are a small drop, were created at So Hum Seeds by HENDRX in collaboration with Mac McCarthy of Coastal Star and Coastal Sun. The collaborative relationship between Coastal and HENDRX is one baked in trust and good intention. Sharing in the vision of restoration of So Hum Seeds the two teams came together with pollen from a Coastal’s Quick-generation pollinator onto several of HENDRX premier female plant receivers in the HENDRX cannabis preservation stable. Garlic Gorilla was created in small batch with only a few hundred seeds able to make it to market, but the clonal phenotypes and crops created during R&D reached both East and West coasts with revere and appreciation. Expect new clonal phenotype and potent hashers to emerge over the next several seasons as this relatively new phenotype is released in 2024 & 2025. Garlic Gorilla Quick seeds express beautiful lavender purples with shapely spherical buds. Potency has never been higher with any the same consistency as Garlic Gorilla Quick phenotype potency tests only expressing THC over 30%  in R&D grown commercially in California, Massachusettses, and New York in 2023. Traditionally a 10-11 week strain, expect the Garlic Gorilla Quick seeds to harvest in about 80%  of the time between 9 and 9.5 weeks. Although sold out at HENDRX and So Hum Seeds, some packs of the Garlic Gorilla may still be available at select retail locations.