Cheetah Piss

Lemonnade X Gelato 42 X Poundcake 97

Harvest Indoor

60-65 Days

Harvest Outdoor

Early to Mid October


Indica Dominant Hybrid


Tall, Nutrient Dependent, Bright Green







Flavors & Aromas

Kush, Lime, Mint, Pear, Pungent, Skunk


Red, Yellow, Green, Brown, White, Silver


Appreciation of music, Hunger/appetite enhanced, Loss of time, Mind wanders, Happiness, Energy enhancement, Confusion


Behind the skull and key of the Cookies genetic secrets hides the truth behind the one cryptic sentence that exist on the internet about the origin and cross of the Cheetah Piss. Laid out in repetition across the internet is a reference to an entity named Growing Passion and three inputs, Lemonade, Gelato 42, and London Pound Cake No. 97. One clear truth that is reported is that it does not have origins linked to any Cat Piss variety, but it is an homage to the legendary strain. The Cheetah Piss clone was distributed through the out California cannabis cultivation community over the last few years by the team at Cookies. Cookies growers like Ridgeline Farms and  Savage Farms grow Cheetah Piss because it adapts well to first round light deprivation greenhouse. Green, gassy yet not pissy. Cheetah Piss packs are pungent, potent, and powdery mildew resistant. Because it is resistant to the elements and other typical cultivation problems that plague the early planting rounds of natural light deprivation greenhouse farms, Cheetah Piss may be tolerant of early vegetative and early flower cold spells and spring rains. Savage Farms demonstrates this principle in practice with a massive yield, utilizing nothing but sun and wind in the So Hum hills (Photo from Savage Farms).  Jerry Savage describes Cheetah Piss as “growing great with nice structure, chunked up buds with good purple hues, light gassy nose and creamy smooth smoke.”