Calihari Kush

Drought Resistant Sierra Mountain Range Wild Native

Harvest Indoor

53 Days

Harvest Outdoor

Late September








Flavors & Aromas




Calihari Kush is fresh like a stick of spearmint gum. The Calihari Kush is named after its improbable rise from the dry hot soil of its Grass Valley birth-site. Calihari Kush’s unique structure is a result of its Darwinian lineage, giving life to evolution. With thin leaves and wispy appearance, Calihari Kush creates minimal surface area providing a natural cooling mechanism, ensuring its desirable drought resistant qualities. The cultivars responsible for this maternal lineage are unknown, but recently thanks to Phylos Bioscience, Calihari Kush origin mysteries have been cast in a new light with its closest relatives exposed thanks to genetic markers. To learn more about the Calihari Kush and its origin, view this Phylos genetic report.

Cannabinoid Profile

Calahari Kush has a a surprising 26.9% THC profile. This is an exceptional statistic considering Calihari has rarely been cultivated indoor and all cannabinoid tests have been completed using 100% sun-grown samples. Additionally, concentrates from trim waste have resulted in a greater than 20% extraction ratio. Extraction labs be on the lookout for this simple, easy-to-grow, naturally bred genetic.

Origin Story

The newest addition to the HendRx Farm fleet. Calihari Kush owes a special tribute to the due diligence of Chief Cultivator, Patient 0. Under duress of an abandoned farm, the Calihari Kush is the result of natural pollination and self reliance. On an unscheduled visit to an old haunt in Grass Valley, Patient 0 discovered the Calihari Kush living lonesome among the weeds during a severe drought season. Thanks to the quick thinking, cuttings were taken and new life has been given to this phenotype of exceptional strength. To cultivate these unique genetics, reach out to HendRx today.