Blue Skunk No. 2

Santa Cruz Blue Dream X Old Dave Skunk

Harvest Indoor

60-64 Days

Harvest Outdoor

Late October


75% Sativa 25% Indica











β-myrcene, α-pinene, β-caryophyllene, β-pinene, δ-limonene, α-humulene, linalool

Flavors & Aromas

Pine, Sage, Spicy


Orange, Green, Yellow, Silver


Enhanced relaxation, Muscle relaxation, Time slowed down, Anxiety Relief

Blue Skunk No. 2 is “Some big green bud” say’s Breeder Doc Ray. Used for cerebral qualities to clear his mind, Blue Skunk No. 2 clone is designed to relieve unwanted stress. Doc uses BS2 to ease tensions of the mind, and to help with his back and shoulder pain. Through Vietnam as a Green Beret, and the federal prison system as a victim of the war on drugs, Doc Ray is no stranger to PTSD and bodily wear and tear. Doc towers over a room and even in his late 60’s his instincts still kick-in; recently disarming a would-be jacker, Doc has the muscle memory to take a gun pointed at him and hold class.

The Blue Skunk No. 2 clone is a cross between Blue Dream and Old Dave’s Skunk. “Blue Dream came from Sister Lynn from Santa Cruz, the Blue Dream Queen.” Old Dave was Doc’s mentor, RIP 10 Years. Dave’s Skunk origins are rumored go back to early Skunk #1. “Likely has blueberry, white shark or white Rhino, and started with a Master or Hindu Kush – all Interior emerald triangle work and origins.” Read more about Doc Ray and the exclusive farmers who grow this unique plant in this recent High Times article.