Big Bhang

Calihari Kush Descendant (Narrow Leaf Drug Type Cultivar)

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Sativa-like morphological traits







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The Big Bhang. The formation of the universe only took an instant and the infinite possibilities shot in every direction to form supernovas, dark matter, solar systems, and of course life. The Big Bhang is the first Sativa-like hybrid ever created by HendRx breeders and bred in Humboldt County. This mutant cannabis clone towers in growth and vigor, in a way no other plant in the diverse cannabis library every has. Big Bhang growth reaches for the sun and stretches to touch the stars with a determination that can remind cultivators of hemp. Big Bhang is an F2 back cross of the HendRx drought resistant cannabis genetic Calihari Kush, which originated in Grass Valley as a volunteer; thus Big Bhang origin genetics are largely unknown. Primal and bold, Big Bhang will overshadow any neighboring plants, towering over residential roof tops.

Cannabinoid Profile

Strength of plant growth vigor and quality of medicinal chemical compositions occasionally merge to create a perfect balance of cannabis genetic attributes. The Big Bhang from HendRx is a marvel of modern cannabis genetics, having achieved both exceptional Sativa-like growth traits, unique savory culinary terpene profile, and high THC content exceeding 26% after only 6 weeks of flower. Big Bhang is a valuable extraction source, utilizing the shear power of efficient biomass.

Origin Story

The Big Bhang is a one-of-kind Narrow Leaf Drug Type Cannabis genetic with Sativa-like morphological structure. The history of the Big Bhang stems from it’s groundbreaking origin and explosive culinary scent. Powerful, is a great word to describes the presence Big Bhang holds in the memories of those who have had the opportunity of cultivating and sampling this unique genetic. Big Bhang is a direct descendant of the Calihari Kush, which rose from extreme drought conditions without water, care, or food, and birthed a new line of naturally selected cannabis genealogy. The immaculate conception of this core genetic, inspires new possibilities and celebrates 2018 new beginnings. Share the Big Bhang, named after the historical transition to recreational legal status of California cannabis!