Ebola No. 1 X Crockett's Haze

Harvest Indoor

63 Days

Harvest Outdoor

Mid October


70% Sativa, 30% Indica


Healthy, Vigorous, Wide Internodal Spacing










Flavors & Aromas

Diesel, Menthol, Mint, Pear, Tobacco


Yellow, Green, White, Silver


Enhanced relaxation, Appreciation of music, Concentration, Loss of time, Time slowed down, Insight, personal growth, Cognitive benefit, Deeper thinking, Sociability, Dizziness


1Haze is a bright green super beauty created by Doc Wheeler in Humboldt County. 1Haze is a cross of HendRx Ebola No. 1 (The One) and Crockett’s Haze. Created in 2016 by Doc Wheeler & Son, and later phenotype-tested by HendRx both indoor and outdoor, 1Haze conquers the canopy with supreme growth. The main event of the 1Haze brilliance is its stunning resistance to both botrytis cinerea and other fungal diseases. The cause and effect of this observed trait is a magnificent bright, almost neon green illuminating aura that arises from the finished flower. Outdoor flowers of the 1Haze clone, resemble flowers cultivated in the most controlled indoor environments. Enjoy the privilege of 1Haze and stand on the shoulders of experienced generational Humboldt County breeders.

Cannabinoid Profile

Invigorating sours mints! 1Haze scent awakens the creative spirit and promotes energy. With a healthy THC percentage, 1Haze mingles with citrus and mint-like terpenes to create a subtle shift in mood comparable to a mimosa with brunch.

Origin Story

With honors. The story of 1Haze can be told over the course of several years. HendRx and Doc Wheeler farmers have collaborated over the last decade to pioneer new procedures for breeding, phenotype hunting, biological pest management, and of course friendship. The maternal lineage of the 1Haze, Ebola No. 1 (The One), was selected by Doc Wheeler and his son after a collaborative breeding project with HendRx farmers. 1Haze is the sole creation of Doc Wheeler & Son. Enjoy the 1Haze and take advantage 40+ years of cannabis breeding experience.