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Commercial Clones

The Commercial Clone section showcases clones which are available in mid to large quantities ranging from 100-7,500 in quantity. This menu is updated seasonally. 

The HendRx Exclusive section highlights HendRx Breeding collaborations and exclusive genetics available only to HendRx partner farms. The varieties can sometimes be found in the Commercial Clones category available seasonally and by special order.

Genetic Preservation designates that these cannabis clones are safely preserved for future commercial production. These varieties may seasonally appear in Commercial production, and may be available by special order.

Secret Strain X Sunset Sherbet

Harvest Indoor: 60-64 Days
Outdoor Harvest: Mid October


Harvest Indoor:
Outdoor Harvest:

MAC 1 X Melonade

Harvest Indoor: 58-63 Days
Outdoor Harvest: Early to Mid October

Clementine X Purple Punch

Harvest Indoor: 50-56 Days
Outdoor Harvest: Early October


Northern Lights X Chemdawg

Harvest Indoor: 60-70 Days
Outdoor Harvest: Mid to Late October

Chemdawg X Hindu Kush

Harvest Indoor:
Outdoor Harvest:

Chemdawg X Hindu Kush

Harvest Indoor: 63 Days
Outdoor Harvest: Mid to Late October

Starfighter X Mint Chocolate Chip

Harvest Indoor: 50-60
Outdoor Harvest:

Purple Punch X Legend Orange Apricot

Harvest Indoor: 60-63 Days
Outdoor Harvest: Early to Mid October

Purple Haze X Oregon Grape X Matanuska Mist

Harvest Indoor: 50 Days
Outdoor Harvest: Late September to Early October

Zkittles X Gelato

Harvest Indoor: 56-60 days
Outdoor Harvest: Early to Mid to Late October

Unknown Chemdawg Lineage

Harvest Indoor: 70-84 Days
Outdoor Harvest: Late October to Early November

The CBD cultivar category provides information on the most therapeutic cultivars in the HendRx library. These clones are available seasonally in the Spring & Summer, and may also be available by special order.

The Hemp Catalogue designates unique breeds of both certified hemp genetics, both from HendRx rare breeding based in Sharon, CT at Northwest Cultivation and other certified hemp cultivars.

Retired Cultivar & Chemovar represent some of the most amazing clones ever grown by HendRx Farm. Find these rare clones still circulating in home grown and commercial cannabis farms world wide.