Candy Cane Genetics

Candy Cane is a modern tech cannabis clone from In House Genetics. Phenotype-hunted by HENDRX from seed, the Candy Cane is a ready-for-sale showstopper. Created from feminized pollen, Candy Cane is Slurricane crossed with Platinum Candy. This clone produces flowers with sparkling gem-like purple bud-sets and pungent masculine flavors. Visually stunning appearance and mind numbing potency make Candy Cane an obvious genetic for commercial and personal use farmers.

Cannabinoid Profile

Candy Cane scents will spark the flame of fuel, sugar, and kush. Potency however is a more memorable quality of the Candy Cane, capable of sedating even the most seasoned high frequency cannabis consumer. A bit of flower of the Candy Cane is a perfect precursor to a visit to a theater for a big blockbuster movie or new years fireworks display. Find a nice comfortable place to sit and enjoy the ride!