White Runtz Genetics

At the top of the 2020 cannabis hype food chain is the White Runtz chemovar credited to the Runtz Gang and Young LB. This larger than life clone found its way to HendRx via Hygro Humboldt during the Summer of 2019. White Runtz is one of three clonal varieties of  Gelato crossed with Skittlez. By all accounts the White Runtz is the highest yield and rarest of the three cuts: Runtz, Pink Runtz, and White Runtz. Explosive lime green growth stretches and creates no limit to the canopy size. Buds stack wide, and tall with long congruent colas. Yield and quality do not disappoint. The White Runtz clone surpasses all hype claims and puts Atlanta on the map in the cannabis game as not only a hot spot for cannabis night life but also as a source for new creations.

Cannabinoid Profile

White Runtz cannabinoid THC content simmers in the low 20s for total THC and THCA combined content, piercing the daily monotony with a mild yet bubbly high. Notes of apricot, grape, mango, peach, and tree fruit mingle with the traditional gas-lit aromas.