Wedding Cake Genetics

Wedding Cake is arguably one of the most important cultivars to come out of Southern California. Bred by Seed Junky Genetics, Wedding Cake is a stable crossbred clone, bred from of Animal Mints pollen crossed with Triangle Mints. Selected and named by the Jungle Boys this clone is everything SoCal. Triumphant yield and significant potency mark the key features of the Wedding Cake clone chemovar. Caked in frost the Wedding Cake takes on traditional bag appeal by outlasting many cultivars in preserved storage. Duffel bag boys, weekend relaxers, and fly by night enthusiasts have all paid tribute to this California giant.

Cannabinoid Profile

The backbone of the Wedding Cake cannabinoid analysis is the consistent high THCA potency. Sour and sweet combine for a familiar flavor reminiscent of Kush and Cookies. Effects take on a multitude of results which may include: enhanced relaxation, appreciation of music, concentration, heightened sense perception, colors brightened, exaggeration of mood, pain relief, anti-depression, energy enhancement, racing thoughts.