Humboldt Seed Company

Vanilla Frosting Genetics

Creamy vanilla aromas, this silver, green, and purple MEGA clone. Vanilla Frosting came to HENDRX farm labeled BX2-34 from the vast MEGA phenotype hunt of 2018. The seeds that sprouted this unique beauty were initially created by Happy Dreams Farms and The Humboldt Seed Company collaboratively, and then propagated for hunting in later the following year. The parental lineage is Humboldt Frost OG and Humboldt Gelato Bx3. Fuel and cream meld together to create the first clone launched from the MEGA hunt. This cultivar will stretch and grow towards the clouds with vigor and wide inter-nodal spacing. Enjoy yield, potency, and strength of this hybrid vigor producing perfect commercial quality desired by elite cultivators.

Cannabinoid Profile

Rich and creamy gas potency. Tested in the field day of harvest, Vanilla Frosting tested at over 30% THC. The rich terpene aromas combined with pure psychoactive THC make this rare find a one-of-a-kind smash for 2019.