Trident Genetics

Trident is a juggernaut CBD cultivar with signifigant therapeutic value and a cryptic origin story. This clone posses 3:1 CBD to THC ratio, large dense flowers, and explosive vegetative growth. The dominant kush quality of the Trident creates a beautiful flower over-shadowed by no other CBD clone. The original Trident clone was sourced from HPRC (The Humboldt Patient Resource Center) in Arcata CA. It has been a staple of HENDRX genetics since 2014. By all state-wide accounts, HPRC has repeatedly been assigned original ownership as the first source for the Trident clone. HENDRX researchers continued to investigate, and in 2018 discovered a Ukrainian breeder by the handle Plantamaster in the Seedfinder database. The Plantamaster profile history included the Trident as well as several other cannabis seed varieties. The Trident was claimed to be a cross of Haze X Skywalker X Donbass Star. The history of the Trident may be debatable, but HENDRX provides credit to Plantamaster, HPRC, and Quantum Humboldt for maintaining the Trident for all to enjoy.

Cannabinoid Profile

Master growers like Craig Johnson, owner and curator of Alplenglow Farms, cultivate the Trident flower to express a perfect ratio of 3:1, or 15% CBD to 5% THC. Aptly, the name Trident could be a reference to the 3:1 ratio, associating the cannabinoid ratios with the three tines of King Poseidon’s Trident spear. God’s of the sea or land can expect the Trident to create calm, deep muscle relaxation, and ease a restless mind. The high will create an initial burst of energy followed by soothing of aches and pain, relaxation, release of daily stress, and finally sleep aid. Many veterans of combat and trauma have expressed the importance of the Trident in their healing and personal therapy, eliminating the need for opioid prescriptions. CBD combined with THC, has proven therapeutic applications. Combined ratios of synthetic and non-synthetic cannabinoids are utilized in the Europe and the United States to create the only EU approved cannabis derived medications like Sativex.