The Bling Genetics

The Bling. Mega Hunt number 2XH-34. This frosted clone was selected in during the Mega Hunt phenotype hunt in 2018. The Bling is a recessive trait expression of a 964 female plant population cultivated by Happy Dreams Farm in Humboldt County.  This female chemovar was bred from Humboldt Frost OG crossed with a triple-Gelato-backcross. Collaboratively bred between Happy Dreams Farms and The Humboldt Seed Company, the variety combines northern and southern Humboldt cannabis genetics. The final product is The Bling clone; producing silver and green flower, and expressing itself as a HLD (Hybrid Leaf Drug) type chemovar.

Cannabinoid Profile

The Bling sparkles and shimmers like an enormous pendant of white gold and diamonds. The aromas are gassy and sweet with hints of floral and lime. Testing from moderate to heavy potency, the rare clone can be expected to yield THC percentages ranging from 18-26%, with little CBD expressed at all. Accented by α-pinene, myrcene, and limonene; potent cannabinoids reflect off the sun, encapsulated in the glandular trichome heads of the blooming cannabis flower-set. This clone is extremely rare and recognized as having sedative ethereal effects, like those reported as Indica.