Purple Apricot Genetics

Perfection. Purple Apricot is an innovative cannabis clonal cultivar that ignites hope with inspiring fruit-like sativa hybrid qualities. Long inter-nodal spacing run up the stalk of the plant leading into dense mouthwatering naturalistic fruit terpenes. Purple Punch and Legend Orange Apricot make up the parental lineage of the powerful and delightful clone. Bred by Compound Genetics, Purple Apricot is a pleasure to grow. Seek this rare and unique cultivar; cultivated by elite cannabis cultivation farms in Humboldt County.

Cannabinoid Profile

Purple Apricot has a mild THC effect for highly functioning, high paced cannabis consumers. This clone has a wide array of terpenes constituents from α-Humulene, Limonene, Linalool, Terpinolene, to α-Bisabolol. Diverse  therapeutic terpenes give Purple Apricot a complex apricot, herbal, mint scent, and rich energizing flavor.