Mother’s Milk No. 31 Genetics

Mother’s Milk No. 31 clone was bred and selected by Bodhi Seeds and has a 8-9 week harvest time. MM31 tastes and smells of powdered milk and creamy gas with excellent bag appeal. It grows strong and sturdy with an average height, and a high yield. Mother’s Milk No. 31 genetic relationship was mapped by Phylos to what was had claimed to be various open source cannabis genetics. Though little was achieved in relation to “open source,” more information may be gleaned from the Mother’s Milk genetic report.

Cannabinoid Profile

This clone produces flowers with pungent fuel and lemon aromas. MM31 is potent with a head and body high. Certificate of analysis cannabinoid reports topple over 30-36% THC, fortifying commercial purpose as a work of modern art. The cross of Nepali OG and now retired Appalachia. Mothers Milk 31 has buttery creamy taste and finish. Add Mother’s Milk No. 31 clone as world class cannabis genetic.