Mac Melon Genetics

Mac Melon is a perfect hybrid chemovar. High yield, striking visual appeal, pluming with savory complex aromas; Mac Melon expresses dominant Mac 1 inheritance. Chosen from a feminized seed pack bred by Lit Farms igniting influence from Mac 1 and Melonande as the acting parental lineage. Selected by HENDRX lead cultivation staff, the Mac Melon shatters the glass ceiling for Mac dominant wide-leaf-drug type cannabis crosses when tallying the yield value. Symmetrical purple and green flowers stack from base to apical flower set. Mac Melon is a rare, elite Humboldt clone. Elevate your magic and plant the Mac Melon in your garden.

Cannabinoid Profile

Savory Moroccan spice, black licorice, kalamata olive tapenade. Potency. Flavor. Sophistication. The Mac Melon clone from HENDRX is a day roller for a late Summer afternoon. Great with barbecue chicken, ice-tea, and micro-ales. Mac Melon’s dominant cannabinoid constituent is THCA enriched with a potent cascade of mature terpenes.