Ice Cream Cake Genetics (Booney Acres Cut)

Ice Cream Cake from Seed Junky Genetics is a gas-heavy cross between the Wedding Cake and Gelato 33. The icy clone is a blend of shinning trichomes,  which light up the atmosphere with crisp kushy mint, and sweet vanilla aromas. Explosive growth and idealistic structure makes this clone perfect for robust commercial greenhouses. Marked with green frosting buds and dark purple ripples; Ice Cream Cake is a hearty phenotype with solid established dependability. This cut was phenotype hunted by Booney Acres in Trinity County and is a standout for its abundant yield and toppling terpenes.

Cannabinoid Profile

Kush, Mint, & Skunk dominate this potent day-changer can convert over 3% terpenes in the proper terroir. Ice Cream Cake clones are considered Indica-dominant, though scientifically more accurate is WLD which stands for Wide Leaf Drug-Type cannabis cultivar. Enjoy Ice Cream Cake in the evenings, at rooftop parties, or before a monster movie premiere.