Gelonade Genetics

Gelonade from Connected California, marks the end of an era, and the beginnings of the second wave of cannabis craft masterpieces. Created by crossing Lemon Tree with Gelato No. 41, Gelonade has the flavor of a tropical snow cone. Purple gilded leaf tips sparkle with traditional beauty; the powerful clone took 1st in Amsterdam’s 2018 Cannabis Cup for best Sativa. Gelato and Lemon Tree lineage offer a moderate harvest period averaging between eight and nine weeks. Rarity accentuates the hybrid clone, and ignites an exhilarating wildfire for all who are encounter the uniqueness of the Gelonade.

Cannabinoid Profile

Gelonade is potent. Not potent by the irrational THC hyper-focus set by early legalization demand. Potent in the sense that cannabis is defined by its beauty, aromas, and effects. Lab testing reveals over 17% THC and one of the highest δ-limonene potency of any chemovar available in from HendRx. Gelonade is an aromatic blend of elite cannabinoids, which offers a restorative liberation from society’s daily norms, and gains recognition as a perfect high.