Frosting Genetics

Frosting is a mix of the something new, cut with of a base of some classic. Purple Urkle was crossed with Cherry Pie, making for a fresh new flavor with simple bag appeal. Frosting grows stout, with robust dense flowers. It will move the crowd, and metaphorically slow traffic to a stop. This sun grown example (shown in photo) is a perfect example of Frosting’s powerful showcase appeal. Reminiscent of familiar power house genetics like Grand Daddy Purple, Frosting combines California’s finest to create an ancient afghanica-like cannabis cultivar. Frosting has been submitted to Phylos Bio-Science and its relationship to various open source cannabis genetics are displayed below. To learn more about the Frosting and its origin, view this Phylos genetic report.

Cannabinoid Profile

Frosting is a delightful mix of b-Myrcene, b-Caryophylene, and Fenchone. These expressive terpenes combine to create the fruity familiarity of Grand Daddy Purple with the the kushy scent of Cookies. Sweet and mild, Frosting cannabinoids usually express themselves with THC percentages exceeding 20 percent.