Blueberry Muffin No. 4 Genetics

The Blueberry Muffin No. 4 is a cross of Blueberry Muffin back crossed into the Blueberry Muffin No. 10. The No. 10 made popular in 2017 by The Humboldt Seed Company and HENDRX, became a famed cut over night. The BBM4 was designed by The Humboldt Seed Company to create a higher THC, heavier yield, with a longer finish. This unique genetic is a wonderful selection from the famed Blueberry Muffin cannabis line, and chosen by the breeder in Humboldt County. Blueberry Muffin No. 4 clonal tissue has been submitted to Phylos Bio-Science. To learn more about the Blueberry Muffin No. 4 and its origin, view this Phylos genetic report.

Cannabinoid Profile

Blueberry Muffin No. 4 is a shimmery beautiful expression of the Blueberry Muffin line, with a surprising 23% THC level and high yield. The effect is energizing and may be good for relieving pain due to arthritis and ulcers. Cultivators will see terepene presence of β-mycene, α-bisabolol, β-caryophyllene, δ-limonene, α-humulene, δ-3-carene, linalool, and α-pinene.