Banana Split Genetics

Banana Split is a a high yield, high THC clone cultivar from Crockett’s Family Farms. The input genetics for the Banana Split are Tangie crossed with Banana Sherbet, which collectively demonstrate the best traits a cultivator can imagine. This cut has traditional morphological traits commonly identified as Sativa by medical retail markets. Banana Split is a highly aggressive genetic with tall and dominant growth traits. Clones of this beautiful and clear crisp new genetic adds flavor to the depth of any farm, and breeds new life. Geno-type samples of Banana Split have been submitted to Phylos Bioscience, and its relationship to other open source cannabis genetics are displayed below. To learn more about the Banana Split and its origin, view this Phylos genetic report.

Cannabinoid Profile

To avoid the misappropriations of Sativa Vs. Indica scientific vernacular, Banana Split is better classified as a “Narrow Leaf Drug” type cultivar rather than a “Sativa.” It has high contents of Terpinolene, b-Myrcene, and Phellandrene, with a potent 24-26 Cannabinoid percentage. Energetic and fun loving are both qualities that come to mind when enjoying this cultivars pleasing aromas and effects.